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Only clan-member account approved. If you're already one, contact a Clan Leader in-game to be approved.
We focus on recruiting: Aeore Healers/ Iss Enchanters/ Othel Rogues (active, 94+)
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 Wtj clan (i'm already joined,i just need forum approval)

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PostSubject: Wtj clan (i'm already joined,i just need forum approval)   Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:01 am

My name is: Andrea,i'm male, 21 y old
I usually play: everyday after 19:00pm GMT +1, in the morning also and afternoon depending on the university
My char name is (lvl/class): LotoBianco (lvl 91) - WYNN
My 1st subclass is: --
My 2nd subclass is: --
My 3rd subclass is: --
I am Noblesse: NO
My ingame gear consists in: immortal light set +5/+6 60 element,apoca bow 300 elem, immortal robe clean, requiem retri clean, immortal and twilight jewels

The clans I've previously been in are: Nova
Can you play in mass PvP ? yep
I want to join TheUninvited because: i'm already joined, as i said it's a presentation
About applying to other clans : no
People that can recommend me: Boh XD
I come from this server: L2 world/l2 destiny, l2j servers
Other Info: --
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Wtj clan (i'm already joined,i just need forum approval)
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