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Only clan-member account approved. If you're already one, contact a Clan Leader in-game to be approved.
We focus on recruiting: Aeore Healers/ Iss Enchanters/ Othel Rogues (active, 94+)
• Visit forum on daily basis, to be informed about all clan news!


 - Clan Info - (MUST check before applying!)

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- Clan Info - (MUST check before applying!) Empty
PostSubject: - Clan Info - (MUST check before applying!)   - Clan Info - (MUST check before applying!) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2013 3:13 am

« TheUninvited »
level 11
(Full Clan skills + All Royals)
(Rune Clan Hall)
(Innadril Castle)
(Ally: "vsAll" with clan Legendaries)

Clan Wars:
(soon screenshot)

•(Recruitment Requirements)•
Being Active!
Botting is forbidden!
All Nationalities
94+ (main clan/royal)
70+ (academy)
Speaking English is a MUST!
Using Mumble is a MUST!
Participation in clan matters(pvps/farm/epics) is a MUST!

•(Info About Clan)•
We have great activity every day,
and this is what we ask from new members.
We use Mumble all the time,
for better organisation, communication, fun etc..
We roll as a team in all clan matters.
We focus on fast lvl-up, fast gear-up, Epic Raids, PvPs, Sieges/TWs.
Our first priority is, all players to work/roll as a team.
If your level is 90+ you can find a good clan pt for your needs,
(Kartia 90/Spezion/Fortuna/Istina) since we have enough pts 90+.
95+ hardcore players can join our higher roster, for our 95+ pts for dailies etc.
We are a pvp-clan. This means that you gonna face many wartags in many places.
We don't try to make a zerg, we want loyal, responsible and well-experienced players
being active(93+) so we can form some really good parties.
Our goal is to make a hardcore PvP clan, not a farming clan.
So if your only L2 addiction is farming do not waste your time to contact with us.
Once per month we arrange clan meeting, so we can discuss all existing clan problems,
so we can fix them immediately.
T.U. Clan has 3 Leaders (Papucel, Nemesis, pollx)
We know each other very well. We have same ideas, same playstyle.
We are responsible, loyal and ofc NOT retards.

*We roll as a team, we have fun as a team, we win as a team, we welcome death.. as a team.*
*If your gameplay is solo, working solo, farming solo etc, then this is NOT a place for you.*
*If you are a botter/ RMT related char/ afk 1-2 weeks char and then back to action
then you are NOT welcome.*
We don't need a number of "clan members online" being afk.
*We need active members, who know how to play their chars, and answer when clan is calling.*
*Inactive players who don't inform leader/sub-leaders
for being inactive more than 1 week, are kicked once per week.*
In this "strict way" we keep actives, and we dismiss inactives.
(more than 200+ kicks to inactive players)
If you are a fl@me addict, and word "RESPECT" is not in your dictionary,
be insure that your stay in clan will be a matter of hours/days.
We do not care if someone is important in clan roster. If we notice someone not
respecting other members (by abusing them or w/e) he is instant kicked!

• Number of 95-97lvl members till now •
Rest clan roster being 90-94lvl.

• Communication •
Clan Leaders


- Clan Info - (MUST check before applying!) Angerphrase2
- Clan Info - (MUST check before applying!) Skrillexsigntu2
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- Clan Info - (MUST check before applying!)
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