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Only clan-member account approved. If you're already one, contact a Clan Leader in-game to be approved.
We focus on recruiting: Aeore Healers/ Iss Enchanters/ Othel Rogues (active, 94+)
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 Heihaky Application

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PostSubject: Heihaky Application   Heihaky Application Icon_minitimeSat Jan 14, 2012 1:26 pm

My name is Heihaky (Tekken, if any fans), i play a Phantom Ranger.
I only play Heihaky, not fond of making a bunch of low level toons.
No subclass at the moment, i just joined Bartz a few days ago (about a week or so). But planed subs are BH,SK,TH (if it helps in any way).
I am level 53 at the moment so i'll bypass the gear/nobless/subclass parts.
The clans i've been in: was such a long time ago i've long forgoten the names. Mainly played on former server Gustin in c1-c3 then left Lineage 2 for WOW. Had a Dark avenger with th subclass till my friend stoped playing then i quit for obvious reasons.
Can i play mass pvp? Is there another kind of play? Sure i'm a bit rusty as you can imagine but no biggie i'll recover Wink .
I want to join you cause: you seem like a serious down to earth clan with mature people who can play and be serious at the same time.
About applying to other clans: none at the moment , this is my first application so my first choice. I know i'm a bit off level range or requirements but who knows, you might see something more then strict numbers.
People that recomend me: none, fresh meat on Bartz as i mentioned.
"I like pvp, and will do my best to help clan members when they need it." To the best of my ability and availability. I am usually the one who shoots the first arrow. Or as the Da way of atracting noobs: hit 2-3 guys get flagged , get targeted, activate UD and watch them get moped up by clanmates Twisted Evil . Joke aside, yes i do enjoy pvp most but lately i developed an increased taste in pve raiding. I must be geting old i guess.
Other info: hmm, i enjoy a good joke, i tend to socialise alot and perform better when appreciated and i enjoyed the mini video you posted on the site. I stoped joining games with my friends cause they have a bad influence on me (they join a game then quit forcing me to do the same which i don't like). More can be found about me by giving it a try. Your call, thank you for reading this rather long application and take care.
A small edit, languages spoken:romanian main, english second, italian meh.
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PostSubject: Re: Heihaky Application   Heihaky Application Icon_minitimeSat Jan 14, 2012 2:37 pm

i like your aplication wall,honestly..but you need to make lvl 73 1st for academy,sorry but rejected untill u reach the right lvl

Heihaky Application Papucelz
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Heihaky Application
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